a little bit about moi

Firstly, a warm welcome to The Little Bubble; a glimpse of both my life experiences and insights into areas that interest me, me being Grace Arrowsmith.

This is a place where I hope people can visit to seek both knowledge and support concerning well-being and heath as a whole.I am 19 years old and I’m one of triplets. My triplet brothers are called Henry and Charlie and I also have an older brother (22) called Will; there’s six of us. This unit of 6 is a tight-knit bundle of support, love and a constant stream of (comical) abuse. I am eternally grateful for the family I have and attribute many of my personal successes thus far to the foundation that my parents have created for me.

I live in the SE of the UK and adore the balance between town and countryside.I also have two adorable black Labradors which bring endless joy into my life.

The next thing in an introductory piece, I guess would be the what I do for a living bit. At the age of 19 this is a big one for me one that comes with a lot of pressure and stigma. I did attend University but only for the first semester last September. For now, I work full time in a Café to earn some much-needed money! I then fly to Paris, France, for 10 months, to embark of a nannying job with TEFL teaching alongside it.  And after that? I don’t know yet and I’m okay with that. (More on this later!)

So there you go. A little bit about me. Please feel free to ask me any questions via email- gracearrowsmith@outlook.com.

Soffie & Lulu

This wouldn’t quite be me if I didn’t wrap this up with a quote- this is one I came up with a few months ago.

“One must find peace within themselves before they help others do the same”

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